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How to Compete in Online Tournaments

Online tournaments are much easier than they sound. At Telegraph, we run our tournaments through Zoom.

A Week Before the Tournament

If you're using a computer, you should prepare ahead of time and download Zoom


If you're using a smartphone, you should download the Zoom app.

If you have both, you should be prepared to compete with bothDon't assume that one device will work flawlessly on the day of the tournament. Have a backup ready. Students may have to forfeit rounds if they're not ready.

The Day Before the Tournament

The day before the tournament, you'll receive an invitation to the tournament to the email that you provided during registration. That email should take you to a Zoom conference call.

On Tournament Day

Telegraph uses Breakout Rooms in order to separate competitors into their rounds. All competitors receive a link to the same conference call, 

You don't need to exit out of the tournament. Every round will happen in the same conference call. When your round is over, you just turn off your microphone and camera.

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