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Telegraph Method

The Telegraph Method

Telegraph classes follow a specific formula generated to enrich the learning experience with principles of education that exceed what is taught in typical K-12 classes. We ensure that we instill these values in students in order to make sure that what we teach can be carried outside of the context of the classes and applied to general obstacles and challenges that students experience in life.


A creative and spontaneous teaching style, focused on teaching kids critical thinking and rational problem solving.


Teaching students to answer questions that the world chooses to ignore by asking tough questions about the realities of the world around them.


Persevering in the face of losses. You have to be wrong a few times in order to become right.


Modeling for our students a thirst for feedback and criticism by constantly searching for pathways for us as coaches to improve.


Pre-Season Warm Up

    Don't get rusty over the summer! Take advantage of the pre-season drills to maintain your delivery skills.

Live, Recorded Lectures

    All lectures are broadcasted live, and recorded for future access.

    Learn either lay and/or circuit debate on your own time, and at your own pace!

Skills Modules

    Advanced Debate Authors, Skills, and Concepts are broken down into learning modules. After completing a module, students are tested with both oral and written exams.

Guided Practice

    Weekly guided drills workshops, designed to target different aspects of speech delivery in a variety of different ways.

Skills Mini-Debates

    Register to debate a professional on a specific debate skillset. Each week focuses on a different skill or argument. Students choose their time slots.

    Ex - Week 1: Framework, Week 2: Theory, etc.

Limited Prep Debates

    A weekly workshop designed to improve on-the-spot thinking. Students sign up for preferred time slots.

    Debate randomized topics, in which both sides are given under 20 minutes to prepare a case.

Spring Debate Classes

Registration ends 1/5. Currently, students pay


For 40 hours of tuition.

* Spots are currently limited. Some students may be waitlisted.

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