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Creative Writing

Summer/Fall 2020 

(Due to COVID-19, all of our classes are currently online)

Term: September 1 - November 12 (12 weeks)



Similarly to the Beginner class, the Intermediate class will be one-on-one, and incorporate:

  • Lectures (tailored and adapted to the student)

  • Guided Practice (student is given a specific set of sentences to add in their own words, and is given a set time to complete said task, with feedback afterwords).

  • Guided Edits - Instructor will go line-by-line and analyze each line's purpose and conciseness.


Several things will be different about the Intermediate class:

  • Students in the Intermediate class will keep a Poetry Journal, in which they get in the habit of writing about something that happened to them within a specific meter structure. Students will rotate between haikus, limericks, etc. and will be asked to focus on different elements of writing during each week.

  • The Intermediate Class will be shorter - each class is an hour and a half long. Students will be assigned to take notes on a 30-minute pre-recorded video on a certain element of writing.


This class will be conducted over a series of 12 weeks. Students register for a specific time slot, There are also make-up options available for students with unpredictable schedules.



  • Imagery, Setting, and Description

  • Theme

  • Figurative Language

  • Poetry



  • Grammar and Syntax - rules of sentence structure

  • Characterization - students will be introduced to Imperfect Characters and antiheroes.

  • Plot - foreshadowing and flashbacks: breaking chronological order

  • Concise phraseology - saying more in less words


Grades: 5th-12th

If you have additional questions about the class, Schedule a Phone Chat

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